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Posted by on Oct 28, 2016 in Blog | 0 comments

The State of Prefab Construction

If automobile manufacturers can create high-quality products on a large scale in a factory, why can’t builders implement the same technology and processes? That’s a central argument among proponents of permanent modular construction, as they tout its potential for time and cost savings. However, in the notoriously slow-to-evolve building industry, prefab has struggled to gain a larger share of the market. In an effort to draw more attention to permanent modular construction, the Modular Building Institute, National Institute of Building Sciences and other industry groups hosted the second-annual Offsite Construction Expo Sept. 21 to 22 in Washington, DC. From obstacles blocking wider implementation to an example of taking modular to the extreme, the expo explored where offsite construction is now — and what’s next for the method. Here are a few takeaways from the event. Offsite construction still has a long way to go Despite the promises of a higher quality product in a shorter timeframe and growing chatter around the alternative method, permanent modular construction still faces the obstacles of an...

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Ramada Inn Uses Modular Construction to Build Hotel

Just a few weeks after news officially broke that a new Ramada Inn was planned for the Trans-Canada Highway lot at the intersection at Highway 23 North, the developers gathered at the construction site for the official groundbreaking ceremony on Oct. 7. The developers of the property say the construction will also happen at an accelerated pace. The project is slated for completion next April. Mayor Mark McKee joined Rod Graham of builder Horizon North and Paul Deutsch of owner Canwest Hotels Ltd. for the official ceremony on the former highways works yard, which has sat vacant for over a decade while being subject to several different development proposals. At the ceremony, Mayor McKee said he was looking forward to this project coming to fruition. “We always looked out at the Trans-Canada Highway and said that we need a bigger and better presence for the community on the highway,” McKee said. “This is going to put an even better face on the Trans-Canada Highway for Revelstoke. It’s going to...

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Prefab Affordable Housing Solutions

The eight-unit complex, called Containers on Grand, was inspired by the need for affordable and sustainable housing near the city’s core. Architecture firm Stark James, LLC has released plans for an apartment complex in downtown Phoenix that will be made from shipping containers. According to Jetson Green, the apartment complex, called Containers on Grand, was inspired by the need for affordable and sustainable housing near the city’s core. Containers on Grand will be located at 12th and Grand avenues and constructed with 16 containers to create eight living units, each 740 sf. Floor plans for the apartments are open and modern, and are designed to accentuate the container structure. Each unit will have one bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen island, and a large living room with room for storage. Two containers will be joined by cutting away one of the longer sides of each container to be welded together. The apartments’ living areas will open to a central courtyard through double French windows, which will flood the spaces with natural light. The Containers on Grand complex is expected...

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How to get started with the Modular Construction Process

Modular building has been in practice since the early 1900s. This building method provides a number of advantages over the “traditional” site-built homes including a faster building schedule and a higher quality end product. With your home built in a climate-controlled environment, you will benefit from simultaneous building in the factory and at the site of your home. Financing Work with your financing source to plan for the construction of your modular home. Plan to assemble all financial documents for your lender. Site Selection Work with your realtor to find the perfect site/lot for your future modular home! Planning Details & Foundation Prep You can view a few different modular home styles in our gallery. Once you find a type of home that will best suit the needs of you and your family, use MHBA’s Find a Builder tool to locate a modular home builder near you. Once you have chosen your builder, they will discuss home plans with you. Once you have finalized your home plans with the...

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Commercial Prefab Structures

True to their name, Commercial Modular Structures are non-residential structures that are primarily pre-made in a factory and then assembled at their final location. They are assembled on a concrete foundation and form a fully completed commercial building. In terms of the benefits, producing of the structure at the plant in advance saves construction time. Prefab Structures are able to developed and assembled quickly, allowing occupancy and investment returns to happen sooner. Of course, the best return occurs when modular construction happens from the beginning of the building process. Rest assured, prefab construction adheres to all the same material, building and architectural codes as the traditional forms of construction. The sole difference being that it is completed off-site in a controlled environment. prefab construction practices are of even a higher quality standard and more durable. Modular construction occurs off-site within a controlled environment, materials purchases and usage are able to be an all-time low. Waste is minimized and savings are maximized. In addition to the materials waste savings, on-site...

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Posted by on Oct 6, 2016 in Blog | 0 comments

Chino Goes Prefab!

Recently, 3 brand new homes were built on G Street in Chino, CA  by a local Non Profit housing developer. These homes are 3 bedroom 2 bath and Craftsman style, one story homes that feature many energy efficient items, for example solar energy . The homes are unique in that they also feature a front porch and an attached garage. These homes were built with the modern construction technique known as modular construction also known as prefab homes. The homes are built in sections( modules) in a modular factory and include framing, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, drywall, paint, toilets, cabinets, flooring , windows, exterior cladding, roof  and appliances. Homes built with modular construction are built with the same materials as a site built home – although they have up to 30% more lumber than a site built homes, thus making modular homes stronger. Modular construction is typically 50% faster than a site built home as builders can complete site work and foundation at the same time the house is being...

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