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Posted by on Nov 8, 2016 in Blog | 0 comments

Prefab Home That Can be Anchored Anywhere

Located 100 miles away from Chile’s capital Santiago sits Casa Remota (Remote House), a beautiful prefab residence that can be constructed in hours and redefines mobile housing. Designed by local architect Felipe Assadi, the modular, one-level shelter is made from wood, iron and glazed front and back facades. The stylish prototype is currently parked overlooking the Pacific Ocean in the remote Pichicuy area, but can be anchored just about anywhere in the world.

Assadi’s minimal home is mounted on metal pillars on the ground. It has two glazed facades that flood the interior with daylight, while framing the stunning views into the ocean and countryside. As well as glass, the architects used iron and local pinewood to construct both the exterior and interiors’ cladding.

The geometrical mobile home features three bedrooms, two bathrooms and one living room area with kitchen made up of four modules, each measuring 11 x 20 ft. This size enables the modules to be moved on the back of a truck without a police escort. These modules are prefabricated off-site in 45 hours and assembled onsite in 6 hours, allowing each user to customize their own design. According to the architect, “The project aims to enable the user to configure their own home based on modules and a system that allows connections between these capsules without further instructions.”

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