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Posted by on Oct 27, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

Facts About Hybrid Modular Construction

Have you heard about Hybrid Modular Construction?

Hybrid Modular is the combination of two types of construction, modular and site construction. Contractors can each concentrate on what they do best, with a little coordination. Rather than each type of builder taking on a whole project, they can divide and conquer, splitting the project into smaller, easier portions to control. Both types of construction can take place simultaneously, saving time and money on a project. Factory environments used for modular construction also provides a more efficient, sustainable building solution, creating a healthier and safer environment.

Hybrid specializes in using accelerated building methods to construct buildings. Architects, engineers, developers and construction managers appreciate the expertise Hybrid offers them when teaming up to design and build a modular building.

Hybrid Modular Construction has been used to design and install modular buildings all over the world that have been used for healthcare buildings, dormitories, assisted living centers, schools, multi-family dwellings and many other applications needed by its clients when time is of the essence.

By utilizing accelerated building methods, clients achieve their desired program and design while attaining the benefits of modular construction. Construction schedules are reduced which allows the client to occupy the space faster; quality is consistent, safer and is inherently eco-friendly as it reduces any site disruption normally found with traditional construction methods.

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