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Posted by on Dec 23, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

Smart, Green Home Trends in 2016

1. Open Concept The most popular home layout for 2016 will be the open concept floor plan which allows the kitchen and living areas to blend together into one space. New home buyers like this layout because it is perfect for entertaining guests and for family togetherness. 2. Contemporary Style In terms of style, home buyers are choosing features that highlight a contemporary style. The contemporary style features clean lines, modern design elements, a focus on functional space, and a feel that is sophisticated yet comfortable. 3. Large White Kitchens With the open concept layout, the kitchen will be a focal point of the main floor. Home builders are noticing an increasing popularity for white kitchens with white-on-white choices (think white walls, backsplashes, cabinets, etc.) The white color goes with the contemporary style and makes the kitchen bright and clean. The size of kitchens is also increasing, and with larger kitchens, many new home buyers are opting for double islands – one for food preparation and cooking, and the...

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USModular, Inc. and Studio-M – the Perfect Pairing

USModular, Inc. can now provide clients with access to state-of-the-art modular design services, state approvals, and factory controls on everything from high-end custom residential to large scale multifamily projects throughout the Western United States. Our clients can now utilize some of the most experienced modular design resources in the industry. With over 30 years of experience and expertise in manufacturing, logistics, and integrated on-site construction, Studio-M is the leading modular consulting resource for large scale Multifamily Modular Construction. No need to change Architects. Studio-M is a fully integrated Revit based team and can work in conjunction with any Architect to bring modular expertise and to provide the state approval package you need! Streamline your next project with USModular, Inc. and Studio-M! To learn more about these and other products or services USModular, Inc. offers, please contact our sales team at (888) 987-6638 or go to our website at Share...

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Facts About Hybrid Modular Construction

Have you heard about Hybrid Modular Construction? Hybrid Modular is the combination of two types of construction, modular and site construction. Contractors can each concentrate on what they do best, with a little coordination. Rather than each type of builder taking on a whole project, they can divide and conquer, splitting the project into smaller, easier portions to control. Both types of construction can take place simultaneously, saving time and money on a project. Factory environments used for modular construction also provides a more efficient, sustainable building solution, creating a healthier and safer environment. Hybrid specializes in using accelerated building methods to construct buildings. Architects, engineers, developers and construction managers appreciate the expertise Hybrid offers them when teaming up to design and build a modular building. Hybrid Modular Construction has been used to design and install modular buildings all over the world that have been used for healthcare buildings, dormitories, assisted living centers, schools, multi-family dwellings and many other applications needed by its clients when time is of the...

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Rebuilding Your Home After a California Wildfire

Two monster wildfires in Northern California are slowly being tamed, but only after earning a dubious place among the most destructive the State of California has ever endured. The Valley and Butte wildfires have claimed at least five lives and consume some 1,400 homes. Thousands more homes remain threatened, fire officials said Sunday. Damage assessment teams have counted 888 homes burned in Lake County, California according to the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection spokesman, Daniel Berlant. The fire, which killed at least 3 people and charred 117 square miles, was 53 percent contained as of Sunday morning. If you, a neighbor, a family member or a friend has been a victim of the fires, then we would like to offer our sincere condolences for your extreme loss, and perhaps some important information on rebuilding after a wildfire. What is your best option for rebuilding after a wildfire? There are newer construction techniques available in California that can shave months off your rebuild and we want you to know...

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Building Trend Moves Towards Modular Construction

Building Trend Moves Towards Modular Construction

The Modular Construction Trend continues to increase in popularity for many construction professionals. It involves building important sections of a structure off-site, usually in a factory-style setting, then assembling those pre-made “modules” on site to create a fully functional structure. There are several benefits of modular construction for both client and contractor, including: Increased availability: Construction companies are increasingly turning to the modular construction trend for some part of their projects. Some 35 percent of construction companies are incorporating prefabrication into building design, according to information from the management construction firm FMI, cited by reporter Adam Groff on the Construction Global website. FMI also noted 40 percent of firms are using prefabrication and expected to use it more in the future.  Cost savings: Prefabrication can reduce the cost of a construction project by a significant amount. Since the prefabrication process is less wasteful, material costs are lower. Quicker build times mean reduced labor costs and fewer cost and schedule overruns. Better quality control: The factory-based process for building prefabricated segments...

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